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Education Shows the Path in Dark

Education has always been one of the major issues in India. In the field of education, we have never been advanced like today. People get over education like wolf gets over its prey. The rising competition all around makes people hustle-bustle in life. No one is taking the sighs. Everywhere, a contest is being organized. Parents are the busiest persons in this case. Parents, who are having kids of pre-schooling age, appear to be the most bothered and much tense over the selection of play school and then high schools. The rush starts at this point. The admission forms start being piled up by the beginning of the ‘'On session' and Mommies seem to be rushing all the time. This has been a very common description of daily human life and the activities take place. This kind of activity indicates the importance of selection of best schools.  


Regards:  Mandy A White


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